03 juni 2013

It's summer!

At least in my shoebox, outdoors it's still manageable and even almost cold from time to time (at least according to what I assume are exchange students wearing boots, jackets and scarves while I run to the store in shorts and t-shirt..). This time of year is probably the worst in terms of getting school work done, the weather is so nice the last thing you want is to be hunched in front of a school computer all day, outdoors in the sun you can't see shit on a laptop, and in my shoebox it is too warm to do anything more demanding than nail painting, blog reading or movie watching. Actually, sometimes not even that much cause my computer likes the heat even less than I do... and it has its own dang private and rather giant cooler (oh to be a laptop in this house! ;P). I can't think when it's 30 degrees. Unfortunately essay writing requires some thinking when you've gotten past the research, information collection, disposition and sporadic one-paragraph-a-day writing phases... tomorrow I might just have to get up early, go find one of those school computers and just get it done cause this ain't cutting it!

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