03 maj 2013

In some parallell universe where everything is upside down and inside out and makes no sense at all

I seem to have this irrational morbid curiosity that makes me watch Tonårsbossen from start to finish, even though I want to just reach into my screen and smack them around until they're crying like the babies they are. Shaken baby syndrome? What. The. HELL. How can you grow up to be such an arrogant selfish bastard when you have two siblings and a single mother who has about 7000 left after all the bills are paid every month? How? I'll even say it again - how? Just the thought of a 17 year old who has never been in a grocery store. Why? Do parent really think their kids are gonna learn to grocery shop, cook, do laundry, clean and make decent decisions without even trying it once? Do they really think their kids are gonna die if they don't get everything they ask for? And that they will develop any kind of confidence and think that they can achieve something in life? How can you develop any kind of pride in yourself and who you are if all you do is shop for money you don't even know where they came from? We have built this world around money, but money isn't everything. You can get by on very little, and as long as your basic needs of food and shelter are catered for, you can achieve true happiness which has absolutely nothing to do with money... simple Maslow logic. "You can't be happy without money" - true, to some extent, if you are on the level of not having food on the table and a roof over your head, then you certainly have more serious things to worry about. But this thinking that money equals happiness is just absurd. Life becomes more stable and convenient, which can certainly contribute, but surely no one actually deep down has "make as much money as humanly possible" as their ultimate and only life goal?

1. I could go on forever.

2. I'm gonna be a pain in the ass mother.

3. Hopefully my kids will become more humble, decent and well rounded human beings because of it.

4. That morbid curiosity probably stems from the fact that I just cannot believe my eyes and ears and therefore have to sit through the whole thing even though it is killing me.

On another note I broke into uncontrollable laughter during database class today when our teacher said that at the end of our careers, everything will probably be defined in terms of yottabytes, which he pointed out sounded like Yodabytes, while everybody else just giggled a little. So my self control isn't always on top of things, what else is new? ;P

Now to more coffee and finding the perfect theme for Firefox. Always a nice problem to have! Certainly suggests that my most basic needs are catered for? Although I am kinda hungry... and yet that theme and the database project feels much more relevant than food at the moment. Guess Maslow logic doesn't really apply when you're young(er than others) and plain lazy.

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