30 april 2013

Just peachy

Just came home from a one day visit in Linköping which just happened to become 4 days. Couldn't really leave in the middle of emergency transports to the hospital... luckily it turned out to be (relatively) easily fixed and only took three hours. Nothing like potential disasters to put things into perspective. Which perhaps is why I'm probably doing pretty awesome in school. At least partially, while other things are quite bad and some are more or less left to lab partners... which I tell myself is momentarily okay because I'm doing most of another project. Eh. At least I've got a real reason (excuse?) for being exhausted for once. Coffee, Trädgårdsonsdag and dimensional modeling will cheer me up. Slept like a baby on the bus for 2.5 hours, so I should be alright for another 4 hours or so. Will be, either way.

I can at least happily report that parsley, malva, peas and something unknown (how is it possible? I listed everything I planted! Could be lobelia... perhaps?) are in various stages of green and cute, and I'm struggling to figure out which makes me the most happy - growing baby plants or new fluffy yarn. Probably depends on the season ;) I should pour my feverish self some coffee and get to work on that model... and figure out why no one else has done anything on it.

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