13 april 2013

Tupperware salesperson ftw

According to Campus, LinkedIn has listed what people's dream jobs were when they were younger. Apparently, boys wanted to be engineers, athletes and pilots, while girls wanted to be vets, actresses and teachers. Engineer, seriously? When I was a kid I wanted to be a baker! After that, I wanted to be a Tupperware salesperson (true story), painter, riding teacher, vet, writer, photographer... not necessarily in that order. I didn't know what an engineer was. A girl in my class in 6th grade wanted to be one because her older sister was studying to become one, but she didn't know what it was either, and all the other people in my class were still stuck on fireman, James Bond, model or hairdresser, more or less. Unless I suppose both your parents were doctors and naturally you wanted to be one as well. Naturally. Qualified guess that the boys who wanted to be engineers had parents who were just that. I have to wonder how old these people were when they made these statements. Who wants to be an engineer at age ten? I still don't really know what it is, and I'm studying to become one! The point is, an "engineer" can work with practically anything and so you can't really say you're an engineer, cause it doesn't define crap of what it is you actually do - only that you've studied for a long time.

Smells funny, it does. Suffice it to say what people say their dream jobs were doesn't fully match what they actually wanted to be? On the other hand, I probably wouldn't put baker in a personal letter attached to my resume, either. I might use Tupperware salesperson to lighten the mood at some point, though. I was six years old at the time, for heaven's sake.

Nothing much accomplished yet today, but I do have three lunch boxes waiting in the fridge! Got a tool tutorial to get through before the day is out, better get crackin... and my display driver keeps messing up. Blue screen of death how I love thee.

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