25 februari 2012

Screaming Frustration

Installing stuff pushes all the wrong buttons.

1. Find correct download.
2. Wait.
3. Run installer.
4. Wait.
5. Find out if it works. Generally it doesn't.
6. Google hopeless forums and blogposts trying to figure out why it doesn't work.
7. Try something else, like uninstalling and installing another version.
8. Find second program.
9. Download.
10. Wait.
11. Run installer.
12. Holy crap, it works!
13. Oh. It doesn't work with the first program.
14. Why, Google, why? :'(
15. Why are most instructions for Linux based systems?
16. Why do I have Windows?
17. Why are commands in Windows so f*****g strange?!
18. Why does it still not work???!!!!!

The above takes half a day. You end up being angry for the rest of it, with half a working whatever it is you tried to install in the first place. You also know you have to fix it some other day if you give up now.

After 5-ish hours I now have Django and two versions of Python installed. Those two actually work together. Well, Django works with the newest Python version. On the server side of things. Ehm. Bleh. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! Should work with the older Python version but doesn't. Give up. Careface. Good night.

I'm gonna drown my sorrows by watching Sherlock and trying to find something to eat. Efficient day. Yeah. Really SUPER.

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