19 mars 2012

KTH Policy vs. Vision 2027

In KTH's new long term plan Vision 2027 can we apparently read that they want pedagogical skills and competence to be the "new" focal point. Essentially, they want to put their teachers and not just their scientists in the spot light. Not very long ago (well, it might be like 2 years ago now) a new policy was established, saying that teachers are generally not allowed to work past their 68th birthday anymore. As a result, one of the best numerical methods teachers Campus Valhallavägen has ever seen was fired. Not exactly the spot light Peter Gudmundson would prefer.

On some level I hope it has had a huge negative impact on our results in that course. Deciding to leave excellent teachers who want nothing more than to continue teaching out in the cold should hurt - financially, if not in any other way, because less students get through the course. We did our fair bit of yelling, but that only causes temporary pain that will eventually pass and be forgotten by everyone (except students and the teacher in question, and why should our opinions matter?).

Headmasters don't make day to day education excellent. Teachers do. Am I still upset? Hell yeah. Good thing co-workers take care of each other when the boss is acting up for no apparent reason. Nice reward at the end of 40+ years.

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