19 februari 2012

Spoiler alert for a certain Ammi.

Computer security presentation in English tomorrow. Cool. Can't remember when I last did that... 8th grade? Still trying to figure out how the hell Sherlock didn't die in the last episode. Irritating it is. I hope they'll come up with something good, elseways disappointment will be thrown around like tantrums. I'd be even more disappointed if I manage to come up with a decent solution and their's is worse. Hmm. Refreshing SQL and relational algebra skills for my thesis coming up. Laters!

Gotta love the hyper active minds of the world sometimes... sorta makes you wake up.

"Now, half this bounce is 90 percent mental. If ya calculate the specific Tiggerjectory of year stripecelleration diviferous by the square boot of yer rebounce, yer vertical situituation indicator and yer striperconic springertia should rica-tic-chet yer hydraulific fu-silly-age into an accelerometric de-orbit!

Any questions?"

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