13 mars 2014

Ramblings of a lonely (forgotten) post

Everything has gone downhill since I gave up on using a paper calendar, and now I can't find more than 1/4 of my probability theory papers. Mental note #1: Never give up on filing and organizing - it works.

Over the course of the past three years I've become sloppier than I've ever been before. I started out good, but being that organized takes a lot of time, and while the majority around me seemed to do great without it, I decided to give it a go. Turns out, having notes I can't read or barely any notes at all, or have them in five different places, and not putting all of them neatly together in a binder when the course is finished doesn't work for me. Sure, it's fine as long as you pass the course in question, in which case you'll most likely never use those papers again, but picking up a course now that I failed in March 2011... not so much.

I have slightly vague memories of it, still. Funny teacher, but he let the funny stuff take over, and he doesn't speak very clearly, so I'm afraid the most I got out of the lectures were math related jokes, penguin walks and nothing much else.

Update 15/3 2014: 8 months on, the courses above are distant triumphant memories, although I am still slightly struggling with using my new Filofax organizer to its full awesome extent. Could be because I really don't have very many appointments or things to organize at the moment. My very last math exam was this morning, and I have a few days off before tackling the remnants of my other courses. That time is to be spent on some equally worthwhile projects I haven't allowed myself to finish while studying math.

It's not that I couldn't be good at math, I have total faith in my brain being able to comprehend anything I want it to, it's just that I don't like it. It doesn't come natural at all, and I am green with envy of my math teacher who can look at any math exercise, think for three seconds and then solve the problem as fast as he can write down what he's thinking. But that kind of knowledge can only come from hard work and dedication, and I must realize that I don't need to like the same things as other people, and I don't need to be good at the same things, either. It is perfectly okay and even advisable to find my own niche. 

When it comes to math, I'm like some of my friends who absolutely loathe organizational theory or economy, or whatever it may be. You can be good at things you don't like, but it takes twenty times the energy to get there!

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