22 februari 2014

Time and such

It's difficult trying to fill in the blanks, the gaps in time that just seem to automatically appear. What did I do between November 2nd and  now? Nothing of very great consequence, perhaps. Celebrated Christmas and a new year started. Completed some courses and added another finished exam to the pile. Awesomeness all around at the time, but in a short while it will surely be regarded as nothing of very great consequence at all, at least once that diploma is in my hand and one by one we move on to other more important things.

I did start reading again, though!  Not that I ever stopped, it just kinda turned into bricks of technical course literature for a bit. I mean reading just for the thrill of transporting yourself to another place by the simple means of printed words on a page. And I discovered that my brain does work quite as well as it used to, thank you very much. I used to spend numerous hours buried in books, so buried in fact that I didn't even notice when our lessons began after breaks. I've missed me brain, really. Lengthy university studies have had a funny way of putting me into a pretty small, impatient box, both physically and mentally, and I haven't been observant enough to notice much (which in itself could be considered troublesome for a kid who used to suddenly stop what she was doing or saying at the time to just thoughtfully stare at something someone else was doing).

Similarly to life in general, it is in my opinion too easy to fall into an existence where you live between school/work, home, the grocery store, personal budget cuts, and that favorite student word procrastination. A world that somehow revolves around nothing more consequential or long lasting than the next deadline or the next exam. My mother, on the other hand, only learned the word procrastination a few weeks ago (from a student, no less). Must be a generation thing. 1-0 to the older generation!

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