25 oktober 2012


Got accepted to the cozy course with the most energizing bestest course book I've ever seen. Pretty colors and a minor break from math and programming a few hours a week - check! Also a legitimate academic excuse to learn Photoshop and Illustrator and InDesign, at least a bit. Pretty pretty colors. Yes, I'm kinda totally psyched. Not just a little. And yesterday we handed in a very nice advanced algorithms project report, thank you very much. I'm almost even totally happy with it. And I've got fresh orange juice, grapes, get to play with photos, listen to 90's classics (yeah, that's not a typo)... even looking forward to doing probability math stuff tomorrow! Hot damn. Best Thursday I've had in a while, for sure!

Oh, and there's a Manos del Uruguay yarn sale. And today is officially PayDay around here.

Happiness overload much?

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