16 augusti 2012

I've been told that sometimes people also work out

My eye hurts. I never thought I'd say this but I think I've been reading too much... can that even happen? Surely reading can never be a bad thing :o I grew up reading more than anyone else, it was kinda my thing. Maybe because my mother owned more books than all my friends and their parents together. Maybe because we went to the library a lot and I never left with less than ten books. Probably both.You take what you can get when you can't afford far-far-away-from-home holidays where you come back to school looking like a ginger bread cookie. I can't say I regret it either.

Now I've got fatty parts 11, 12 and 13 of Wheel of Times to get through, before I forget what Swedish part 1-20 was all about. Don't get me wrong, I like them a lot, but I started that series like more than ten years ago (hence reading translations, something I try to avoid these days) and I've already read those 20 books twice because I did indeed forget what had happened... I don't much fancy doing that again. Now I find out I've been waiting in vain for a few years - they have decided to stop translating them, and Robert Jordan passed away in like 2007. Oops. Apparently my English vocabulary is, for want of better word, lacking when it comes to medieval rich people style dressing, castle decor, horse back riding and sword fights (the horse part I already knew about, having tried to help an English speaking only kid in the stables waay back). I'm tossed back into some kind of should I be writing this word down and learn it? I hope it gets better when I've found the 20 somewhere in my head and manage to connect the Swedish and English dots. 

I think their reason for not translating the rest when there's only three books left is bullshit to be honest. "People have moved on to other fantasy books" - well, do they really have a choice when they don't sell these anymore? Come on. Apart from Lord of the Rings, this is The fantasy series with capital T, F and S. It's epic no matter how you look at it. Not something I would've started now but at age 12-15, hell yeah.

I get too into things sometimes. Could be anything - reading, writing, sewing, knitting, photography, web design, games, tv series, movies, family tree research, even shopping... doesn't really matter. Seemingly harmless things gone Cuh-Raazy if you do it a lot for a week or two. Guess you can get addicted to anything. About three years ago I sat down and wrote stuff for eight hours straight and it's still frigging good. I mean, like the beginning of a really good book good. But then I stopped and now I'm stuck. I want to continue it, but don't know how. That sure does seem to happen a lot.

And now I've forgotten my coffee. Wth is going on? Sheesh.  

"You know it ain't easy, running out of thrills.
You know it ain't easy, when you don't know what you want."

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