06 augusti 2012

Comment of the day

In the midst of the usual youtube rubbish...

"I miss the days when the awesome music made people watch the low quality music videos. Nowadays, the naked women in the music videos make us listen to the low quality music"

Still listen to the awesome music. Never cared much for music videos anyway. I miss the days when music sounded better on stage than on the cd/whatever, and it was the people on the stage that made it happen.

Doing what I always do in the summer about a month before school starts. Math. These guys are trying to help. 14:08 - 21:16. See? It's called skill. Actual music. Not computer aided noise with questionable content to make up for the complete lack of personality and creativity.

A thinks we have a spy neighbour. He's outside every day talking very loudly on the phone for an hour or so. It's pouring outside, but still he was there, on the phone. What I don't get is why he can't talk on the phone somewhere other than right outside my window.The other evening it sounded like a group of people were having a party in the same place. The only thing down there is a bunch of parked bikes. Great location?

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