24 mars 2011

Stick your neck out and it'll be chopped off by an interactions teacher who can't decide what she thinks.

So angry I don't want to write the last essay.

Just type random words and make sure some of them are the exact name droppings she wants. Then change half of them to your own made up words that mean the same thing. Then put "I think X because Y said this in Z" about ten times in random places where they don't fit. The "I think" and "because Y said" are vital! Don't forget to start the sentence where you say something you've come up with yourself with "I THINK"!! Of course it doesn't matter how many times you say this and that it's gramatically horrific. Nothing other than something starting with "I think" is a reflection - it is considered an example. Remember this and you will live. Otherwise, just go back to the sand box and play with your bucket for another year - you're not considered able to think for yourself yet.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Stört passande serie till texten! :D

  2. Visst vettu, letade länge och väl ;)

  3. Amen, doa! F MDI!

    Halva kursen handlar om hur MDI är så mkt mer än bara "knappologi". Resten är "knappologi".