13 februari 2011

Firefox, stop screwing up your updates and come home! :'(

It takes the hideous invention that is Internet Explorer two seconds to open a new tab, while I'm reading the following for next week:

Stammer. If a product or service takes 0.1 to 1 second to respond, users will notice a delay.
Interruption. After a second of no response, users will feel that the task they were doing was interrupted and their focus will shift from the task at hand to the product or service itself.
User will also feel utterly frustrated, angry, and abandoned. And their hatred for the product or service will only continue growing. Also, user will definately continue not at all understanding why clicking a link opens a new WINDOW and not a new tab. Finally, user will be very upset and curse the existence of Microsoft, even though Win7 and Office mostly rocks.

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