19 december 2010

I love the smell of grungeboard in the morning...

...but what to do with it? Now that I have all these ideas rummaging around in my mind and the means to actually put them into a more physical life form, I find the practical side of me taking over. Because no matter how much I love letting my mind roam around more freely than is good for anyone when it comes to creativity, there's now also the element of

1. What idea to try first.
2. What to use it for.
3. Where to put it.

See? I'm even making a bloody list on my blog, trying to figure it all out! Because no matter how much I also love just making things for the sake of creating, there is the element of What in the devil am I going to do with it once it's finished? Always the element of planning. Planning, organizing, straightening out, figuring out, making lists, thinking, and planning some more... all of which are crucial and important parts of the person that is me, but also frigging devastating when mixed with mad creativity. Gotta try and let go a wee bit... just do and see what happens, I suppose.

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