17 december 2010

Candy candy candy coke candy candy candy water....

The last all nighter of the year (and the only one this term..? That's gotta be a good sign!). Tomorrow is the day, the last final of the year and then so called (even though we're officially not having them anymore) Christmas holidays! Lots of hobbying, gluing, painting, inking, sleeping, talking, baking, website building and general zombie mode is ON!! Feliz Navidad and all of that, but the Christmas music should probably be turned right back off now and I should go place myself somewhere that's more friendly towards my poor crushed tailbone, and where I can stay awake until final time at 09.00 tomorrow. Well, today, if we're being touchy about it. When I come home tomorrow afternoon I have a feeling I'll start the complete day/night switching off with a looong nap.

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