01 mars 2017

Curiosity is all that counts

Small children know what matters. A cheese sandwich can be the whole world for a while, a train table is endlessly fascinating, or you can just happily play with your own toes or try out different sounds.

Adults have a tendency to complain, a lot. Nothing is ever good enough and the world is always going to hell in one way or another. We are either dwelling on the past or planning for the future. We are very rarely right here and now, unless we are complaining about what isn’t working right now… projecting it into the future, creating our own realities.

Christmas always makes me want to slow down even more. Get rid of all the excess stuff, commitments, frustration and worry. Focus all my time on what is truly important - feeling good, developing and cherishing meaningful relationships, learning, and helping others. Going out into the world with the wide eyed curiosity of a child.

We have a lot of unlearning to do, but I’m on my way. On my way to approaching other people and new experiences with curiosity and acceptance. Assuming people are kind and tolerant until proven wrong. Unlearning the false truths that “You can’t do that, that’s crazy!” and “Sitting still, shutting up and doing as you’re told is the right thing to do.” that we have all been exposed to at some point.
The world is going to hell in a thousand and one ways on any given day. But for every thing that is severely wrong, there are fiftyeleven (yes that’s an actual number) things going right, and I’d rather contribute to making that fiftytwelve things (not an actual number… yet)!

There will always be something to fight about. But take this opportunity - wherever you are - to stop for a minute. Slow down a bit. Notice where you are. The sounds, the smell. Complain a little less. Smile at the weather or the traffic chaos or the frustrating behaviors around you. Give someone a hug. Make sure a homeless person gets a warm meal and a roof over their head tonight. Crawl under a mountain of down and wool and be grateful for what you have.

Right here right now it is very peaceful, and for that I am eternally grateful.

What can you change in your own life to make sure the world becomes a kinder and more tolerant place? Do. Act. Create something of value. The world needs more love today, and on all other days. Take care of each other. Whatever happens, we are sailing this boat together.

Unknown photo source, I found it on Deviant Art at least five years ago and still love it.

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  1. Hej Doa! Vet inte om du kommer att se den här kommentaren, men jag gör ett försök. Har tänkt superlänge att jag ska kontakta dig och nu när jag äntligen tar tag i det inser jag att jag inte har din mailadress. Snopet!
    Du får hemskt gärna skriva en rad om du läser detta. Stor kram från Maria