03 januari 2017

The Year of Freedom

Freedom for me is challenging my limits. Looking my fears in the eye and resolutely tackling them head on. Breaking down barriers, walking through open doors, opening others, letting more light in. Letting go of some dreams to welcome others. If you keep pushing your boundaries you will soon be cruising in your discomfort zone where nothing is impossible, while your comfort zone grows exponentially.

I’m trying something new this year. A theme. A sparkly subtitle to 2017. No planning in minute detail. Generally applicable without losing power. A clear direction and a worthy yardstick for my focus.

The Year of Freedom

Core desired feelings:
  1. Free
  2. Centered
  3. Connection
Core values:

  1. Health
  2. Relationships
  3. Passion
  4. Growth
  5. Contribution

Reading The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey, and listening to The Minimalists podcast while questioning my habits and dreams proved to be a potent combination. Revealing and soul opening in a very heartwarming way. Shining a light in corners that have just been waiting to be (re)discovered.

Core desired feelings

Possibly the greatest invention so far by Danielle LaPorte, along with the whole Desire Map process. As a brainstorming nerd who loves braindump writing, I approve! The result: three well curated little words that hold immense power. Moving a little closer to these feelings or states of being on a daily basis… boom. Success = guaranteed. They don’t have to make sense to you - they hold infinite meaning and have about 30 synonyms each for me.

Core values

These have been borrowed straight from The Minimalists because they make perfect sense in all their simplicity. Anything I can think of that I really want fits into several of these. Don’t make things more complicated than they have to be, simplicity rocks.

As an engineer, IT consultant and organization freak, frameworks hold tremendous appeal for me. I need something to hang my desires and intentions on, a system to support my wandering mind and facilitate the actual execution. In the past this has involved detailed schedules, spreadsheets, planners and Trello boards. I know. Believe me, I know. Paralysis by analysis.

You need to use the right tool for the job, but I think my root problem was lousy goals. I just didn’t feel them as joy, as moving towards increased happiness and contribution to the world. That’s not the tools’ fault - scrum/kanban/scrumban boards, spreadsheets, planners and schedules are great for many things. Just make sure you tune into what you actually want and need first. No planning in the world can save a crappy project.

I have taken this for some serious test drives, and for all intents and purposes I’m already practicing it. Physical, mental and social freedom resonates in a profound way. Letting go of worry and just going for it. Any step I take in this direction will be a victory. Good bye should dos, hello power!

Just start and do it now saves me when I find myself struggling to choose, and aligning my actions with these 8 little words will make for an awesome 2017, no matter what it brings.

More than anything this requires allowing myself to fail. Trying new things without letting the fear of failure hold me back. Make my mind up and charge ahead with clear intentions. I will stumble and I will fall, but 2016 has taught me that there is great clarity to be found in chaos. Great comfort to be found in the unknown. You will catch yourself when you fall, and when you need a little help other people will step up if you let them.

No matter what happens everything will always work out for the best even if you never end up exactly where you intended. Different is just that - different. It is movement, and as long as you are moving in a positive direction nothing can go wrong. It is already right. Curiosity and genuinely meaning well will get you everywhere, though never in the way you thought. Roll with it.

Source: bemorewithless by Courtney Carver.

What are you going to do to fall a little more in love with 2017 for each day that passes?

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