10 mars 2013

Moralkaka vol. infinity

Major risk of continuing the recent theme that has somehow found it's way on here. Been watching too much tv, perhaps? Well, hell yeah, when do I not, but all I can say is it wasn't planned... so let the judgmental criticism of the public hatred continue; most recently that towards Tommy Körberg et al. So the hell what that he turns 65 this year? Why are people so provoked by "old" people still managing to live fun lives? Shouldn't we be grateful? Think that, damn, I can still lead a great life fifty years from now! This whole attitude of young people thinking 30 is old... get over yourselves. I can't wait to be 30, start living for real and not just go through school year after school year after... having a real job, starting a family, buying that damn horse I've wanted since I was 11, have a kitchen of my own. With the caring for the elderly working the way it does in this country, we should be happy some can still have the time of their lives when they're closer to the end of it than the start. A lot of people don't get that chance. If you're lucky, you will live till 80 and stay healthy, so why think life ends at 30, or 65 for that matter. How depressing.

And who would you rather be able to relate to - Sean Banan or Claes Malmberg?

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