22 februari 2013

Domino with kids

Walked past a bunch of preschool kids walking in a line between two teachers. They were all attached to some kind of rubber band with loops for their hands, attached to the backpack of the teacher in front and around the middle of the teacher in the back. Wow. And of course they were all wearing reflector vests. Correction, all the children were. Do as I say, not as I do. When we were out walking when I was a kid we were all paired up with a friend, and we walked in a line two and two holding hands. No one ever got lost as far as I know... but maybe they're not allowed to hold hands anymore, I mean schools have all kinds of new rules where teachers aren't allowed to hug their students (even when they're 6 years old and crying). Interesting what happens if one kid stumbles - are all the others pulled down with him/her? Or will they all just be hanging in mid-air between the two teachers? One of the most strange inventions I've seen, either way. Not all they way up there with the daycare center where the girls served the boys food, but still.

On another note, I have successfully eaten about 5 grapes. Yay. Also have epic lipstick and awesome new hair stuff, but since I'm not one of those bloggers, I'll leave it at that.

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