24 januari 2013

Unexpectedly positive

Snoozing for an obscenely long time can't really be considered sleeping. I mean, if the alarm goes off every 15 minutes, you don't actually have time to fall asleep properly in between. And since I got up at 4.11 this morning, I'm not ashamed of a mid-day snooze, even if it was too long... I even did math for 4.5 hours this morning, mind you! So, I'm getting there... by the time Ammi rejoins the Swedish mothership I might even be on a proper schedule. Cool.

Victory 1: Did math for 4.5 hours. Math. For 4.5 hours. It does sound better every time I say it.
Victory 2: Got up at 4.11 without complaining. Aim for the stars, right?
Victory 3: Our article review rocked. At least after having seen the others.
Victory 4: I get to write my essay in English. Now let's see what we can do about that 7.5 page limit...
Victory 5: Am now having coffee and will read a bunch of articles about project management offices. Go me! 

Taking the bus Stockholm-Linköping and back costs about half of what a private riding lesson costs around here. So when is it gonna get warmer than your toes going all ice cubey? And how many weekends can I spare..?

When I manage to stay on a schedule I get to go visit baby Bangkok, Natti and Catitzi, and I get to buy yarn (which hasn't happened since... eh, last summer?). Happy days!

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