08 november 2012

Just your typical Tired Thursday

Watching movies, knitting and wondering how much money Google threw away to get so many seconds in the first Twilight movie... like everybody don't already use it. Either way, the last movie is gonna be epic, no matter what you think of the whole thing and the actors in it.

Hopefully I can convince my health to join me in school tomorrow... otherwise I do have a whole lot of serious knitting to do before Christmas.

Googling things while watching them can be pretty interesting. If you ignore the gossip, speculations and general bullshit that always surrounds so called celebrities (where do people get the energy from..?), you can start in one tiny end and end up in another altogether, finding stuff you would never have found otherwise. Like half watching an episode of Sherlock - curiosity sets in - did he play that himself? Or watching an episode of Merlin and wondering where all those awesome horses come from (actually, the initial question was how many of the actors do their horsey action by themselves (I'm not jealous. Sorta.)). Morlena Carwyn et al ftw.

If you don't know much about horses, most things don't seem that impressive, but if you do, everything looks totally different (the same goes for knowing how to play the violin or not, I'm sure). Guess how long they had to work with that white horse arriving in a boat with the creep Becket in Pirates of the Caribbean... or how much of the crazy stuff in Merlin actually happened for real. Trust me, the special effects aren't always where you think. Cred to all the hard core crazy background people.  

(Apparently Blogger doesn't think Googling is a word. I think it should.)

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