11 oktober 2012

Effective Java and me

Got my advanced algorithms teacher's favorite book out to see if it holds some useful wisdom for today. Got a cold. Got an almost-fever. Was up way too late yesterday working on artificial intelligence project due at midnight. Sat through lecture on factorization of big ass integers (like, big integers. BIG). Got an exam on Tuesday. Factorization project due a week after that. Got FTP client project due half a week after that. LolZzzzz. And of course, Henry the Horse dances the waltz as The Beatles try to cheer me up a fraction. Or maybe wake me up? Eh. I don't wanna call her, I wanna take a nap. Okay, no nap, I go write some crap for a few hours, then I get to take a nap? Chico? Chiiiiicoooo... don't be discouraged! It's been too long since I saw that movie. Watching Johnny Depp going crazy and arguing with himself is almost always funny.

So I write some crap for a few hours, trying to figure out how BigInteger works, etc. and then do some exam stuff and then knit some sock and then sleep? K?

And once again I forgot to take a photo (or 40) of the awesome bright red ivy covering most of our school buildings at this time a year. Gotta do before it all falls off. Again.

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