25 september 2012

"feigning death: a bird that is feigning death will tend to fall (go down vertically), and move very little horizontally. "

Okay, so now both my mother and one of my best friends have said I'm like an old lady. No offense taken, little old ladies are usually cute and have fairly stable and decent values - and they freeze about roughly as much as I normally do - BUT (I just have to point this out), there was a woman in the back of today's advanced algorithms lecture knitting. Hint: it wasn't me. No offense to said woman, though, I applaud you! 

That said, I have spent like every minute since I came home from school trying to understand roughly three pages of presumably awesome Hidden Markov Model pseudo code (holy crappers I've never seen so many for-loops in one place before!) and now Mr. Cinnamon/Apple Tea and I are gonna take a look in our almost-new Stitch'N Bitch Superstar Knitting book before snoozing.

Personally, I'm in the process of turning this candy-colored fluffy animal into something useful (for my laptop, no less):

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