31 maj 2012

Keep telling yourself that.

End of term. Almost summer. That's when it happens - hiding, doing absolutely everything except finish the only two things I have left before I can actually do whatever the hell I want. Interesting how it's always like this, I mean, wouldn't it be better to just get it done and then I can do all those other fun things without feeling bad about it? But no, it's that darn student syndrome they've actually mentioned in two course books of mine this term. I believe it's more commonly known as procrastinating.

Setting realistic goals for yourself is apparently what you're supposed to do. Well, I never do that. See, if I've got an exam of some kind to study for, I tell myself that I have to study for 7 hours a day every day to do it properly. I think you can guess what happens after that (especially if that exam is a math one). Those hours seem like such a pain that I do all I can to avoid them, resulting in no hours at all. And if I do manage to get through all those hours one day, the next one I feel like I did so well yesterday I've deserved some time off, and then it continues like that. Round and round we go. Maybe I should be happy as long as I get any hours at all in every day instead.

This book was frigging awesome. Englishmen trying to be funny are sometimes a bit... odd, but this was a good one for sure. There's nothing like humor to get you through fat piles of course literature. Now I just have to finish that home exam, too. And study for my beloved math final.The only problem is I get stuck on P #3 a bit too much, which means I never get to P #4 OR get any real work done. Ehm.

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