12 december 2011


All bloggers except the occasional knitting lady who is all too happy about wearing her colorful wool sweater masterpieces seems to have drowned in some kind of winter depression. Energy lacking and this constant darkness is wearing on my nerves as well. I don't mind winter - I love the freezing weather and fluffy boots and gloves. What I don't like is this black winter. No snow, no real minus degrees. Being inside can be cosy, but without any white shining through, it's all just endless darkness. At the same time the realization that you have lots of things left to do this year and not a whole lot of time to do them isn't exactly helping. I want snow, cold and christmas music. That's usually what gets me through this time a year.

Where is the snow?

Now there's a lady who knows exactly how to properly celebrate the season! And who would need snow if you live in a somewhat brighter part of the world and have the time to knit four sweaters in a few months?

I have a feeling crazy yarn and I will need to have a little conversation sometime soon. And what about those christmas socks? Ah, too little time... during the holidays, for sure! In between the computer security and math studying!

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