02 augusti 2011

From one pile to another a.k.a. Face your fears

I don't know why I was so scared of that multicolored thread... perhaps because finally I'd be forced to think rather than just do/count, or it would look like.. eh.. crap? Really, I'm a newbie to such an extent that at least two of my great grandmothers would've frowned. But I'm getting there. And any small step is still a step (hopefully also taken in the right direction - i.e. forward). I have some way ahead of me before I can make monogram kitchen towels that still look the same after numerous machine washes in 60 degrees Celsius, starting with this little pile which is to become a pin cushion when I'm done with it. Cause if there's anything I'm really good at, one of them is losing tiny things like needles... later to be found under an aching toe or even worse – eaten by the vacuum cleaner. Apart from keeping any small bits and pieces organized, I need to practice how to finish things I start. I thought small projects would be good for that after all the larger ones I have lying around unfinished for various reasons... (ran out of thread, got bored – the latter being the most common reason).

One large “project” and pile on my desk that I can't ignore because I'm bored (and pretty damn scared) out of my mind is however the math exam on the 18th of August. No amount of hiding can make that multiple variable calculus/analysis course go away. Unfortunately, I'd say... Believe me, I've tried my hardest to forget about it for the past year, ever since I was one of the 29% in my class to get that hateful letter F on the exam, but somehow it's still there. Like a large, evil abscess that won't go away, no matter how crappy it makes you feel.

Just. Gotta. Do. It. I wish babysitting mom's car was a good enough reason to not study. It isn't. At all.

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