18 maj 2011

Nerd in a pea pod

The relative frequency of my blogging is ridiculously low, especially when considered from a blog-junkie-who-claims-she-loves-writing's point of view. Ridiculous, ya hear?! I seriously do need to start reading that book again, before this mess turns into a please-shoot-me-cause-my-life-isn't-any-better-than-random-youtube-videos-and-essay-spewing blog like so many others. I don't wanna!! :O I'd rather get inexplicable NullPointer Exceptions and calculate the most probable probability that a Markov chain printer will get stuck in five hilarious paper jams tomorrow if it didn't today, than have this blog go all normal on me. What is wrong with it? JEEZ. I do like the quilt though... Oh, and my awesome little pea plants have four pea pods in the making. Their proud mommy is gonna go calculate that probability now :)

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