07 december 2010

A normal day.

1. Several hours of not wanting to wake up, followed by more hours trying to wake up.
2. Stressed, frustrated and every now and then completely panicked completion of a laboration of some kind.
3. Presentation of said laboration or something else - passed.
4. A moment of relief.
5. Fully realizing that I don't have time for even a miniature break before tackling the next laboration... not to mention next week's finals.
6. Lots of code, papers and programs of various sorts.
7. Late nights eating MMs, reading, counting, writing, and thinking for the 100th time that I should learn how to type using all my fingers (although it wouldn't be any faster, it would probably be better for my hands, yes?).
8. More code, papers, candy, coffee, reading, learning, writing, typing, understanding, not understanding, answers, questions, confusion, relief, confusion relief, confusion...

And scattered about in between all the above, coffee induced insanity and incoherent ramblings about everything and nothing, out loud and in my head and somewhere in between. Just another day.

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